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Welcome on the website of Spaghetteria Pasta bar. Have a look at our menu, make a reservation, and learn more about our restaurants.


In life, there will always be places you simply can’t help but come back to. Where you know things are good. We all have a go-to hairdresser, bakery, and bar. But do you already have a go-to restaurant in your city? If you have a Spaghetteria around the corner, chances are you do!

It goes without saying that the pasta served is of the highest quality, as is the wine and the rest of the menu. But this is not the reason you love coming here…

At Spaghetteria, you know the clientele and they know you. You come with friends, family, or solo. Because before you know it, you’re chatting with the couple next to you or you’re making eye-contact with that nice looking stud or babe across the table.

We don’t use expensive china or fancy words. Just as we don’t have a menu that feels like the required reading list in college. Every dish is our speciality; every table is our best table.

At Spaghetteria you simply interact because you’re enjoying yourself, and you enjoy yourself because you’re interacting. You mingle until the chefs join in and you don’t go home before we made a serious dent in the limoncello supply.

Because everyone is equally important and equally welcome, sometimes you might have to join the cue. Obviously, you do so with a glass of vino or a birra. And look, you’re already joined by two friends!

A go-to restaurant is all about its regulars. That’s why every night we ask:

Are you joining for dinner?

Are you joining for dinner?