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About us

In Italy, the ‘spaghetteria’ is a phenomenon in its own right. A place where local chefs dedicate themselves entirely to the preparation of fresh pasta. At our Spaghetteria it’s no different. We are equally devoted to the art of making pasta. In our own laboratorio artigianale (artisanal workplace) we produce several types of pasta following the traditions of the Italian pasta guild. Each pasta having its own shape, origin, and style of preparation.

At dinnertime, our Italian chefs prepare that day’s fresh pasta in the seven different dishes you find on our daily changing menu. Just as they’ve been doing all their adult lives. The no nonsense dishes are based on traditional recipes and made from fresh ingredients. It’s the type of food you’ll find in the spaghetterie in Italy; maximum flavour, zero fuss.

This uncomplicated style of cooking is reflected in both Spaghetteria’s service style and general atmosphere. In a buzzing environment, enthusiasm, hospitality, and a touch of Italian bravado from the youthful waiters set the tone. It doesn’t matter if you’re up for a lengthy gastronomic session or just want to pop in for a quick bite; we all eat together at one of the large tables or at the bars. After dinner there’s always time for tiramisu with an espresso, or a homemade sgroppino or limoncello.

Benvenuto a Spaghetteria!

Spaghetteria. Are you joining for dinner?