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Historically, every Italian village has a laboratorio artigianale, an artisanal workplace dedicated exclusively to producing pasta. These laboratorios are the beating heart of Italian dining culture. All of them are small pasta ateliers where local craftsmen stand in a cloud of flour and make pasta. They did so yesterday, they are doing so today, and they’ll be there tomorrow. Originally all was done by hand. To increase output, machines are now part of the process.

The Italian pasta guild’s tradition prescribes that fresh pasta is to be made from two kinds of flour and fresh eggs. The flour is required to be of the highest quality, produced on a small scale, and preferably organic. If not, the pasta could lose its absorbing power and will, once in the pan, not soak up the sauce well. And what’s pasta without sauce? Exactly…

Spaghetteria pasta is made in our very own laboratorio. Following tradition, we use two types of organic flour that come from Tuscany and Umbria, and only fresh free-range eggs. All day long the different types of pasta go through the hands of our very own ‘artigiani’. They have one goal, and one goal only: making the perfect pasta.

Forget trends and hypes, traditions survive for a reason.